EEEC's Products


Conductive Paint


Silver PaintSS4001K

Thin film, high shielding effective. Best for compact electric appliances.


Low pressure and high atomizing spray gun

Thin, uniform paint film finish


Plastic zig

Mass productive. Possible for drying machine.


Conductive Tape


Conductive Tape

Copper foil, Aluminium foil, Conductive fabric types.


Metal Foil Tape

many types, most cost effective.


Conductive Tape for Gasket

With masking tape, thermal resistant conductive tape.


Non flammable Conductive Fabric Tape

Modacrylic type, back-coated with non-flammable tape.


Conductive sponge tape

1.65.3mm, 4 types. Well cushion.


Double adhesive conductive tape

Non-carrier, etc. many types.


Thermal resistant conductive tape

Coated with silicone type cohesion.

Double adhesive type available.


Wire-mesh tape

With and without adhesive tape. usable for grounding of hose.


Magnetism shielding tape

Permalloy foil, Possible to cut, bend and bang without baking.


Conductive & Absorbing Sheet



Magnetism shielding Foil

Parmalloy foil, Possible to cut, bend and bang without baking..


Electro magnetic wave restrainable sheet

10M6GHz broad band type


Conductive sponge sheet

1.55.2mm thickness, 4types.


Thick conductive non-woven fabric

0.420.6mm thickness


Conductive fabric

Rip-stop, taffeta, non-woven fabric, many thickness.


Non-flammable conductive fabric (E-9212)



Conductive mesh, net

130, 200 mesh, black colored type. Conductive twilled.


Conductive knit

A little extensive in one direction. Best for cove.r


Conductive stretch Fabric

Same lengthen and resistivity to all direction.


Conductive cushion connecter

Eqaulize the contact electrical resitivity of not aligning connecters.


Shielding Gasket



Conductive fabric gasket

450 different molding cast. Short leading time. Very cost effective. Corresponded RoHS


Spiral spring gasket

φ0.910.0mm, many types. Short leading time. Very cost effective. Nickel, Tin plated


Wire mesh gasket

With and without core, many types. For shielding junction lining.


Finger strip gasket

Many shapes. Very cost effective.


Shielding Tube



Zipper type Uniting Tube for Shielding Cable

Strongly fit and combine, with pliers.


Button type Uniting Tube for Shielding Cable

Usable for junction wiring.


Magic Tape type Uniting Tube for Shielding  Cable

Closing with magic tape, size option.


Fastener type Uniting Tube for Shielding Cable

Endure on R state.


Thermal shrinking type shielding tube

50% shrink with 90℃ drier, suitable for single wiring


Expanding type shielding tube

Best for uniting and shielding of bending part and movable part.


Anti-Static Product



Anti-scratch, Anti-static Film

Clear and black types. For template and part mat.


Anti-static Clear type Card Case

Papers holder for clean room. No chemical contamination.


Anti-static Binder

For clean room.


Anti-static Floor Paint

Conductive floor paint. Thick or thin paint film types.