ESD EMI Engineering Corporation


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Company Name

   ESD EMI EngineeringCorporation

   (Abbreviated name:EEEC)



                    Iriya Nishi, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

                    252-0029 Japan






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= Our Business =


Our business is the sales, marketing and engineering of the shielding material for the electro magnetic interference and the next generation clean room material for the anti-static problem and non chemical contamination, in addition, the paint and interior construction applied with such materials.



EMI Shielding Products;



Conductive Tape:  Flame-Retardation; Thermal-resistant, Copper foil, Aluminium foil, Both-side adhesive, Fabric,

Form Gasket: many variation, short delivery time, many optional orders,

RoHS corresponded,non flammable type

Wire Mesh Gasket ( SUS wire or Monel): rectangular, round, round hose, and OD type

Conductive Fabric / Mesh: for the building, the flexible electrode

Elastomer Gasket

Conductive Sponge Sheet: 0.8mm – 5.1mm thickness





Anti- ESD Products;



Anti-Static Paint: no contamination. powder paint, acryl-lacquer, epoxy

Conductive Floor Paint: epoxy type, polyurethane type, thick type, thin type, grounding parts








Conductive Double Adhesive Tape: for grounding, for SEM (election microscope)



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